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Barb Fuller

Barb FullerWith over a dozen campaigns under her belt spanning the better part of 30 years, Barb Fuller is a seasoned campaign manager.  She has managed both primary and general election races ranging from Village President to U.S. Senate, having worked on behalf of the former State Senator Lana Pollack, State Representative Mary Schroer, Pam Byrnes for State Representative and Congresswoman Lynn Rivers.  Additionally, Barb staffed the first leg of the 1988 Medicaid funding of abortion ballot question and more recently, the victorious 2003 Greenbelt Campaign in the City of Ann Arbor.  An eight-year officer and key player in the coordinated campaign efforts of the Washtenaw County Democratic Party as well as being at the table of the Michigan Democratic Party’s Coordinated Campaigns,  Fuller is known and respected in Democratic, pro-choice, environmental and feminist circles.