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Gretchen Driskell

Gretchen DriskellGretchen Driskell took office as Sate Representative of Michigan’s 52nd State House District in January of 2013, after winning her election by 6 points in a Republican favorable district. Before running for State Representative, Driskell was the mayor of Saline for 14 years, making her both the longest serving mayor and the first female mayor in the city’s history. Since taking office, Representative Driskell has sponsored legislation that would make women’s healthcare more accessible, and introduced a bill that would increase disclosure under the Michigan Campaign Finance Act. She has successfully advocated for a community in her district to receive important road funding, and she delivered a passionate speech on the House floor in opposition to the recent initiative that was a direct attack on the rights of Michigan’s women. Representative Driskell is a strong progressive leader, and a dedicated advocate for the needs of her constituents.

The 52nd House District of Michigan was the top-targeted House seat in the state in 2012, and it is among the top-targeted seats in 2014. Driskell ousted an incumbent Republican, and the Republican caucus wants the seat back. Protecting HD-52 will be a sizeable task, but one that we can accomplish through grassroots support and advocacy.

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