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Julia Pulver, Candidate for State Senate 15th District

Julia PulverJulia A. Pulver, RN, BSN, CCM has been a leader in the field of healthcare, patient advocacy and public health for over a decade. Julia has also taken the knowledge and leadership skills she has amassed in her career, and started a small business, HPS Consulting, LLC (hpsconsultingllc.com), in 2015, which focuses on ensuring that health care organizations meet and exceed quality and patient safety expectations. She also works as a nurse consultant with Feinberg Consulting (feinbergconsulting.com), case management firm that helps those who are catastrophically injured in auto accidents.

Born and raised a Unitarian Universalist, Julia learned the importance of serving people in need. She was taught to always speak up when things were wrong. In 2016, she founded Women Organize Michigan (www.womenorganizemi.org), an organization dedicated to advancing the voices of women working for change around the state.

Julia understands what it takes to lead. She understands the multitude of challenges and competing priorities that need to be addressed when taking peoples’ lives and interests into her hands. Julia’s experience as a nurse, from bedside to boardroom, a mom, and an organizer has taught her not only how to multitask and prioritize, it has taught her how to negotiate and coordinate with multiple interested parties, and how to bring people together for the sake of getting things done.

Julia is the proud mother of four children: Nora (11), Sadie, (9), Avery (8) and Alice (5). Her children attend West Bloomfield Public Schools and participate in local sports teams. Her husband of 12 years, Ben Pulver, is a personal chef who also runs his own small business. (www.chefben.biz)

Julia is dedicated to making the world a safer and more just place for her children to be in, and will work hard to ensure that everyone’s children receive a better and more just world than the one we were handed.

When asked why she wants to run, Julia has said “I am running because I know that no one else has my exact skills, knowledge, or experiences. If I don’t run on the things I know best, who else will? I have a desire to lead because I always have; following or waiting for someone else to get it right has never been my style.”