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Endorsement Policy

  • MI List will identify key state and local races where its involvement will make a difference and award monetary support to signal battle ground seats where pro-choice Democratic women are running.
  • MI List will not endorse in primaries where more than one pro-choice Democratic candidate is running.
  • An underlying goal of MI List is to re-establish Democratic majorities in the state house and senate.
  • Existing pro-choice organizations provide a means for distinguishing the pro-choice candidates from those who are not. Therefore MI List will not endorse candidates solely for this purpose.
  • MI List’s priorities for endorsement lead with protection of incumbent pro-choice Democratic women followed by the strongest contenders for open seats and the most strategically viable challengers.
  • MI List will consider making endorsements and awarding contributions that are smaller and more widely spread for the strategic purpose of showcasing emerging pro-choice Democratic women candidates.
  • Candidates may apply for consideration by completing and submitting the MI List Candidate Questionnaire.