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Winnie Brinks

Winnie BrinksWinnie Brinks is running for a second term to represent the 76th House District which is located in the city of Grand Rapids. She is passionate about serving others, and assisting them in overcoming barriers to success. Winnie fights every day to enact public policy that ensures everyone has a shot at success.

Winnie has spent more than 20 years working in non-profit organizations and education settings. She began her career as the Executive Director of a non-profit in community based corrections that served as one of only two alternatives to incarceration for female offenders in the state of Michigan. From there she continued her work with women and children by running a horticulture therapy program for women with substance use disorders and working with English language learners. She most recently worked with a non-profit whose mission is to improve job retention, while assisting employees in resolving barriers to success, reducing poverty, and improving quality of life.

Throughout her career, Winnie has become increasingly active in ensuring that all children in Michigan receive an excellent education that will prepare them well for a self-sufficient and fulfilling future. It is that conviction that prompted her greater involvement in education advocacy, hosting candidate and legislator forums, making alliances with parents and education advocates across the state. She continues to work tirelessly to help parents make their voices heard.

Winnie has been married to Steve for 22 years, and is the mother of three teen-age daughters.

The 76th District

The 76th State House District of Michigan covers half of the city of Grand Rapids. Historically held by a Democrat, the 2010 redistricting made the 76th extremely competitive. Political observers will recall, the 76th District was the center of intense scrutiny in the run up to the 2012 election because Winnie’s predecessor switched parties from Democrat to Republican about 10 minutes before the filing deadline, leaving the Democrats without a candidate on the ballot. Winnie was drafted to run, successfully mounted a write-in primary campaign and achieved a strong win in the general election. Widely considered to be one of the most gerrymandered districts in the state, it is now a 50-50 district which Winnie intends to fight hard to protect and solidify as a Democratic seat now and into the future.

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