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Cherie Horrigan-Happy, Oakland County Commission, 12th District

Cheire Horrigan HappyCherie Horrigan-Happy is getting serious attention in District 12, Oakland County.
As a first-time candidate, Cherie is showing the initiative our communities need to get everyday people elected to office. Regular people know they are being left out of the equation that benefits big business and special interest groups.

Cherie is a life-long Michigan resident, including 35 years in Oakland county, and a wife, mother and successful business owner.

With a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Wayne State University, Cherie has used her talent as an artist to foster a 25 year career as a Creative Professional working in the Advertising and Marketing business, as well running her own Creative Consulting business.

Cherie is currently employed by Apple, Inc. as a Technical Advisor and has held this position for more than 5 years.

With extensive experience as a professional, both creative and technical, and a business owner, Cherie has a track record of successful accomplishments.

As County Commissioner, Cherie’s goals will be to champion issues that matter to everyday people; mass transit, sensible gun control, family care, the environment and education.

It’s Cherie’s principals of integrity, tenacity and morality that set her apart as a leader in the community.