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Ian Haight, Candidate for State Senate, District 21

Ian HaightIan got his start in local politics by leading a successful recall effort against township officials that had stopped listening to their constituents. After that, he was elected twice as Clerk of Hagar Township where he served on the finance committee and chaired the election committee where he was in charge of running elections – and continues to be a champion of voting rights protections. He believes good representatives listen twice as much as they talk.

As public educators, Ian and his wife come from a long line of public school teachers. When our state’s educational system dropped to 36th in the nation, Ian decided to step up to make change as he saw attacks on our schools and working families grow increasingly outrageous.

Ian supports legislation that will increase the quality of life for Michiganders by focusing on high-quality jobs, affordable healthcare, public health, veteran care, elder care, safe roads, clean drinking water, and access to education from preschool to college. Ian believes in working across the aisle and finding real solutions to the problems we face.

As the next state senator for the 21st district, Ian will work hard every day to improve the future for our children, our seniors, union members, and all the hard-working families who deserve better. We are more alike than we are different and we all agree that Michigan can be a better place to live, work, and play.