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John Chirkun, State House, District 22

Over the past eight years, under the Republican majority, policy has become focused on helping special interest groups and corporations at the expense of our seniors, children, women, educators, drivers, taxpayers, and environment. I am running to help create a Michigan that is prosperous and progressive, investing the proper resources to allow everyone the opportunity to succeed. My unique background has given me the ability to learn the issues and gain the leadership skills necessary to be successful in achieving these goals. I proudly served in the Wayne County Sheriff’s Department for 29 years, retiring as an Executive Sergeant and Commanding Officer of the Internet Crimes Unit and Special Operations Division. I was elected to serve as the Vice President of SEIU Local 502, when they represented the Wayne County Sheriff’s Deputies. In addition, I have almost 20 years of local government experience, first as a Roseville City Councilman (November 1995-January 2009) and as Mayor of Roseville (January 2009-present). I have had to face many challenges and work with many stakeholders to come up with solutions that work for everyone. I first ran for the State House because I could not sit back and watch the continued assaults on worker’s rights, our educational system, women and minorities happen. In my two terms, I have fought against these unjust actions and if reelected, I promise to continue my efforts to reverse the policies that have harmed our citizens and work towards a Michigan that is inclusive, prosperous and progressive.