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Kristina Drake, Livingston County Commission, 8th District

Kristina DrakeKristina has been a resident of Hamburg Township for over 20 years, raising her two kids in the Pinckney school district. Kristina compares living in Hamburg Township to residing in a resort town. “We have 2 of the areas greatest assets with the lake chain and the popular 26 miles of Lakeland trail.” She says. “It is an amazing place to live.”

Kristina is a Criminal Justice Major, minoring in political science. She has completed the AAS Degree in the Criminal Justice Corrections program for probation and parole as well as earning the Correctional Officer Certificate from the State of Michigan.

Kristina feels like the political landscape has changed over the last several years. “It isn’t just the governor who wants to run the state like a corporation” she adds. “More and more we see leaders, even in county government, acting as CEO’s of a company.” Kristina believes that government, especially local government, should be about the progress of the community and serving the residents. “When you are elected by the people, you have to actually listen to the people, that’s why they call it public service.”

Kristina believes most of all, that the person representing Hamburg Township should be accessible and involved, taking the wants and needs of the residents to the county board, not the other way around. “Hamburg Township is such a unique and valuable district, it should be represented by someone who is actively involved, accessible and willing to listen to their constituents.”