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Lauren Taylor, Candidate for State House, District 86

Lauren Taylor“Lauren Taylor, a twelve-year resident of Grand Rapids, is a small business owner and community organizer. At the core of her campaign is one revolutionary idea: the solutions to the toughest problems are not partisan, they’re human. The issues affecting our lives affect us all. The cost of healthcare is killing us. Our education system is failing and we are paying the price.  We can’t get a leg up and we’re not paid what we’re worth. So, we need to do something about it.

Lauren decided to run for office after the quality health care she depended on was threatened. Lauren suffers from chronic migraines; the Affordable Care Act allowed her to finally access the care she needed.  She stood up to her Congressman when he voted to rescind coverage for people with pre-existing conditions. She organized and rallied for the health of all people. She persisted.

Now, Lauren is taking her fight to the next level because too many people are still prisoners to their struggles. Lauren is running for office now because she can; she’s healthy. But what about the others? Those who are still sick, those who are too poor or too marginalized to get up on their feet, those who work three jobs and still can’t pay the bills? These are the people whose voices aren’t being heard, and these are the people Lauren is determined to represent. It hardly matters whether someone voted for one party or the other; we are all human. We all struggle and we can all succeed. Lauren is running because it is about more than just politics: it’s personal.”