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Laurie Pohutsky, State Senate, 19th District

Laurie PothuskyLaurie grew up in Redford, MI and graduated from Michigan State University. As a microbiologist she has worked in diagnostic, toxicology, and research laboratories. A longtime volunteer and activist, while in college Pohutsky volunteered at a local crisis center and was a member of MSU’s gay-straight alliance. Laurie remains active with grassroots organizations and volunteers at Angela Hospice in Livonia.

As a scientist, Laurie noticed a distinct lack of evidence-based policy in Lansing. Upon further investigation, she found that there were no front-line scientists in our legislature. Laurie came to the conclusion that, if we are going to have laws based in science, we need to have a scientist in the room. That conclusion led her to run for office.

Pohutsky has a deep commitment to making sure our environment is protected, particularly when it comes to the Great Lakes. We cannot allow companies like Enbridge and Nestle to endanger and rob us of our natural resources. We must not continue to put profits over people here in Michigan. Additionally, she knows that health care is a human right and supports a state-funded, single-payer health care system. Laurie is also a fierce advocate for our public schools and wants to end the theft of tax dollars by charter schools.

Laurie lives in Livonia with her husband, Mark, and their rescue dog, Hank.