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Matt Koleszar, State House, District 20

Matt KoleszarI have spent my entire adult life as a teacher in the classroom. I have seen firsthand, the attacks on public education from Lansing. From diverting taxpayer money from traditional public schools to for-profit Education Management Organizations, to discussions about arming our teachers and putting guns in our schools, our state has lost its way as to what is good for our children. Our students and teachers need a voice. I am the President of my local MEA-affiliated education association. Through this experience, I have seen the negative impact that so-called Right-To-Work policies have had on our middle class. I have seen how giving workers a say in all aspects of their employment creates a better product. Our middle class has been shrunken by so many up in Lansing. Our workers need a voice. Our Great Lakes, the very defining geographical feature of our state is at risk. We need to have a voice for our environment. Our roads continue to decay, putting the safety of Michiganders at risk. We need a voice to keep us safe and fix our roads. We need representatives who will listen to their constituents and not simply follow their own agendas. We need to make sure our representatives are representing us, not their own special interests. I am running because helping people is what I have dedicated my life to and will always do.