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Meredith Place, Kalamazoo County Commission, 11th District

Meredith PlaceMeredith Place is running for the Kalamazoo County Board of Commissioners, District 11. Place, 29, is the Contract Administrator for the Clerical-Technical Union at Michigan State University. The 11th District includes the eastern and northern portions of the city of Portage.

On her decision to run for elected office, Place stated:

“The rampant partisanship that has left Washington, D.C. ineffective has found its way into our local government, and I refuse to sit back and watch the progress of our community be impeded by party politics. Good ideas matter, and no political party has a monopoly on them.

As a Commissioner my vote will be cast based on the merits of a proposal, not by the political party of its author.

The 11th District deserves a Commissioner who is committed to civil discourse and to solving the problems facing Kalamazoo County. Through my work as a contract administrator, I’ve learned the value of listening to solve complex problems, and will bring this skill set with me as Portage’s newest County Commissioner. Over the next several months, I look forward to hearing from the citizens of eastern and northern Portage, and earning their vote and support.”

Place, currently serves on the Portage Planning Commission, is Vice-Chair of the Environmental Health Advisory Council for Kalamazoo County and a member of multiple community organizations including the League of Women Voters. She is married to former Kalamazoo County Board Chairman, John Taylor.