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Padma Kuppa, State House, District 41

Padma KuppaPadma Kuppa is a 20-year Michigan resident, engineer, wife, mother, successful IT professional in the automotive industry, and longtime community leader in the greater-Detroit area. The only girl in her 6th grade aerospace club, and the first woman mechanical engineer from her college, she’s not afraid to speak out. She wants to protect public education, preserve the environment, and ensure that we leave a strong sustainable Michigan for future generations. She will advocate for reproductive freedom and access to comprehensive medical care for all Michiganders, which is critical to a healthy and productive workforce. She has a natural flair for building relationships and bridging gaps, making her an ideal representative for Troy and Clawson and in this current political climate. A first-generation Indian immigrant who spent her formative years attending American public schools, she believes quality public education for all is a cornerstone of the American Dream. Her goal is to find common ground and pass policy that protects and represents all of her constituents. She serves on the Troy Planning Commission and Zoning Board of Appeals, is a Board member of Michigan Roundtable for Diversity and Inclusion, and is deeply committed to investing in public schools and advocating for policies that support a sustainable economy.