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Poppy Sias-Hernandez, Candidate for State Senate, District 34

Poppy Sias-HernandezPoppy was raised by a single mother in Muskegon Heights. She attended public elementary school and later graduated from Muskegon Catholic Schools. As a first-generation college student, she earned an AA from College of Marin, a BA from the University of California, Berkeley and an MA from Western Michigan University.

Poppy’s work is at the intersection of public health, education, and community development – working with you and families. Early on, Poppy worked for Planned Parenthood of Michigan as a Community Health Educator and later as a Program Coordinator. She collaborated with grassroots organizations to lead the Growing Goods Project, a comprehensive summer school program whose curriculum integrated life skills with academic skills that translate to thriving youth and families.

At Muskegon Public Schools, she worked closely with the board and district leadership to develop and manage programs outside of the classroom that would ensure student success. She led a Muskegon County Farm to School Initiative, BOOM Youth Leadership program and other efforts geared toward increasing community voice in needed change efforts. At the state level, she has advocated for policy to keep all Michigan students safe and supported both in and out of our schools.

Poppy lives in Muskegon with her husband Alfredo and they have two sons. They have enjoyed being active in their community as advocates for equity and social justice.