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Samuel Bagenstos, Candidate for Michigan Supreme Court

Samuel BagenstosSamuel Bagenstos has been a civil rights lawyer for more than 20 years. Under President Barack Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder, he served as the Principal Deputy Assistant Attorney General for Civil Rights at the U.S. Department of Justice. He is now a professor of law at the University of Michigan. Early in his career, Sam was a law clerk to Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg on the U.S. Supreme Court.

He has argued cases in courts throughout the country, including four civil rights cases in the Supreme Court of the United States. In perhaps his most notable Supreme Court case, Young v. UPS, Sam represented a UPS driver who was put on unpaid leave, and lost her health insurance, when she became pregnant. His 6-3 victory in the Supreme Court helped to establish the principle that no woman should have to choose between a job and a healthy pregnancy. A strong fighter for women’s rights, Sam testified in Congress in support of the Lilly Ledbetter bill that removed barriers to enforcement of laws against pay discrimination. Sam has also fought in court for voting rights, disability rights, LGBT rights, and workers’ rights to fair wages and collective bargaining.

With Donald Trump’s appointees taking over the federal courts, we can expect those courts to roll back protections of basic civil and constitutional rights. The state courts will be called on to step in and fill the gap. Sam Bagenstos has spent a career fighting for our basic rights.