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Winnie Brinks, Candidate for State Senate 29th District

Winnie BrinksWinnie Brinks is currently serving her third term as state representative for Michigan’s 76th house district (Grand Rapids). During her tenure, she has served as chair of the Progressive Women’s Caucus (2015-2016), Policy Chair for the House Democratic Caucus, Minority Vice-Chair of the Workforce and Talent Development Committee (2015-2016) and the Health Policy Committee (2017-2018), and as a member of the Agriculture, Education Reform, and Military and Veterans Affairs committees. She and her husband, Steve, have three daughters, Olivia, Annalise and Emma.

As a state representative, Winnie is honored to serve as an advocate for her constituents and she knows how important it is to reinvest in the citizens of Michigan. She works hard every day to make sure that all students receive a world-class education, that veterans receive the support and resources they have earned, and that each and every individual has access to high-quality health care at a fair price. She has gained the respect of voters and constituents of all political affiliations as a hard-working, thoughtful, and accessible public servant.

She is a candidate for State Senate, where she plans to continue that service for the people of the 29th district. If elected, Winnie Brinks would be the first woman to represent Grand Rapids in the state senate since Eva McCall Hamilton (the first woman ever to serve in the Michigan State Senate) was elected in 1921. With the only Democratic woman currently serving in the senate being forced out due to term limits, Michigan women need dedicated, principled, passionate voices like Winnie’s in the senate chamber.