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Great Women of the Great Lakes IX | September 19th 2021

Click here for more information about GWGL IX, including location change to an open air venue, honoree information, event specifics, and how to get tickets! We hope to see you there.

There will be new political district boundaries in 2022. This redistricting offers MI List the huge opportunity to help elect pro-choice Democratic candidates to key offices statewide. 

Now is the time to prepare candidates who will protect and honor women’s reproductive rights to run and train up staff to help them win!

Past Endorsements

MI List has endorsed over 100 quality pro-choice Democratic women as candidates for office since our founding in 2004.

Alberta Griffin

Alberta Tinsley-Talabi

Alma Wheeler Smith

Angela Witwer

Barb Byrum

Barb Farrah

Brenda Carter

Brenda Lawrence

Brenda Pilgrim

Brianna Scott

Cathy Forbes

Cherie Happy

Christine Green

Christine Greig

Collene Lamonte

Dana Nessel

Dayna Polehanki

Deb Cherry

Deb Kennedy

Debbie Dingell

Debbie Stabenow

Debby Buckland

Deirdre Waterman

Dian Slavens

Dianne Byrum

Ellen Cogen Lipton

Emily Dievendorf


Erika Geiss

Erin Byrnes

Erin Knott

Felicia Brabec

Garnet Lewis

Gretchen Driskell

Gretchen Whitmer

Gwen Markham

Jane Boudreau

Janis Burgess

Jennifer Elkins

Jennifer Granholm

Jennifer Haase

Jennifer Suidan

Jessica Cooper

Joan Bauer

Joan Gebhardt

Joan Wadsworth

Jocelyn Benson

Judy Truesdell

Julia Pulver

Julie Dennis

Julie Rogers

Kate Segal

Kathleen Law

Kelly Breen

Kelly Tebay


Kristen Brown

Kristin Judge

Kristina Drake

Kristy Pagan

Kyra Harris Bolden

LaTanya Garrett

Laura Winn

Lauren Taylor

Laurie Pohutsky

Leslie Love

Lisa Brown

Liz Kranz

Lori Hunt

Mallory McMorrow

Marcia Hovey-Wright

Mari Manoogian

Marian McClellan

Martha G. Scott

Mary Patterson

Mary Valentine

Maureen Brosnan

Megan Cavanagh

Melissa Daub

Meredith Place

Natalie Mosher

Padma Kuppa


Pam Byrnes

Pam Faris

Pam Jackson

Patricia Rayl

Poppy Sias-Hernandez

Rachel Hood

Rashida Tlaib

Rebecca Bahar-Cook

Rebekah Warren

Rosemary Bayer

Sarah Roberts

Shanelle Jackson

Shannon Beeman

Sharon Gray

Sheila Smith

Sherry Gay-Dagnogo

Sheryl Kennedy

Stephanie Chang

Susan Schmidt

Suzanne Shkreli

Tanya Cabala

Theresa Abed

Tracy Schultz Kobylarz

Vanessa Guerra

Vicki Barnett

Winnie Brinks