Who We Are

MI List works to elect pro-choice Democratic women to the Michigan legislature and key local offices through a holistic approach to fostering progressive officeholders: recruiting quality candidates, offering ongoing resources and support, and providing hard dollars to help women win.

MI List targets positions of leadership and cultivates candidates to ensure the progressive direction of public policy. We grow our own candidates and work tirelessly to advance their political and professional careers.

MI List is unapologetically disciplined, political, partisan, and gender-specific with our support. We invest early and in the off-year to emphasize seriousness of intent and to enable campaign organizations to get ahead of the curve.

We give early. We max out. We take sides. We take the long view and invest for the future, not just the next election.


What We Do

Provide Funding

MI List raises and contributes money to boost candidate viability.

Establish a Farm Team

MI List is dedicated to building a farm team and filling the pipeline with viable candidates who are ready to run and prepared to win.

Offer Candidate Resources

MI List offers strategic training and resources to help candidates and campaigns be successful.